The Chrysler Mopar Vehicle Protection System has You Covered

It can be nice to own and drive new or nearly new vehicles but is also very important to find ways to maintain the value of these vehicles and to protect them. To this end, most drivers take precautions such as securing adequate levels of car insurance and also warranties from vehicle sellers. While these steps are important, there is another precaution that drivers can take that offers yet more protection. The Chrysler Mopar Vehicle Protection service gives drivers of many new or lightly use vehicles extra levels of warranty protection. The Chrysler Mopar system offers a variety of plans that extend coverage for literally thousands of separate vehicle components.

Not all vehicle owners need the same levels of protection, and the Chrysler Mopar Vehicle Protection plan addresses this need with its offering of two separate tiers of coverage. The highest tier of coverage is called the Maximum Care plan, and this level of protection shields over 5,000 vehicle parts. The next tier of service is called the Added Care Plus plan. This plan offers many of the same benefits as its sister plan, but it offers coverage for over 850 vehicle parts.

The Chrysler Mopar Protection system doesn't stop there. It offers many more protective measures and options that can keep drivers safe and secure on the roadways. For example, all Mopar vehicle protection members are eligible for specialized Sign and Go roadside assistance. This service offers many valuable benefits such as door unlocking, jump starting, and refueling cars that have run out of gas.

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